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Meet Lil' Bill

About MRV's Mascot

Lil' Bill was born with cerebellar hypoplasia. This is neurological disorder that affects his balance and can cause seizures. When he was a kitten, the first vet who saw him suggested it be best to put him down. WHAT A TERRIBLE SUGGESTION! He is perfectly happy, just like his many fellow fur friends out there with CH.
Thanks to the neuro team at Nashville Veterinary Specialists, zonisamide has helped him regulate his seizures. He also benefits from Canna-pet hemp supplements. In addition to his disease, for whatever reason, he was given the additional challenge of growing into an adult cat with deformed hind legs and paws. Though his legs can hinge in the correct fashion, he does not do that on his own. His hind leg paws bend the opposite direction as well! Walking in LB style consists of dragging his rather straight legs behind him on the ground. And his legs can bend like Gumby and go behind him like a contortionist. He is in NO pain!
Lil' Bill is such a special kitty!  

Lil' Bill loves people, cuddles, music and life!

Our goal is to bring awareness to special needs cats and animals, specifically those with cerebellar disorder. There are so many special needs animals who can live long and happy lives.

Please consider adopting one today!

We promise they will bring you so much joy!
Our lives would not be the same without Lil' Bill, our special kitty!

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